Friday, 31 August 2012

Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? by Lisa Pell

The lovely and emotional roller coaster ride story of Lori Pomay. Whilst undergoing tests for genetic testing prior to having IVF Lori establishes that the man she has grown up with as her father is not fact her father. This is the journey of that discovery. Coming to terms with the news, and the path Lori takes as she sets upon trail of establishing her biological identity.

I loved the modern research aspect of the story line, which is based loosely on true events. I loved the mix of medical data, and the complexities of genetics and the use of social media, which has changed the way in which individuals can correspond and research ancestors and missing relatives with a click of a button.

Most of all I loved the mixed emotions and the complexities of dealing with the financial issues of raising funds for treatment, emotionally coming to terms with the realisation that perhaps it was simply too late to start a family and then the added issues of Lori's own parentage.

Without a doubt one of my best reads for the year.

Disclaimer - I was provided with a free e-book edition in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I expect this kind of thing might start showing up more with all the banks that have been so popular.


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