Thursday, 18 July 2013

Children's Book: Little Blue Cloud by Inbal Argov

Not having any children, I rarely read children's books. However, I was approached and asked if I would review this book.

Available from Amazon, where it is FREE to download on 18th and 19th July on both the US and UK sites.

Inbal Argov has both written and illustrated the book. The book is not very long, just the right length for little ones.

The story is of Little Blue Cloud, whose parents are Mother Lightening and Father Thunder and the story is told through the seasons using rhymes and is uniquely illustrated.

At the end of the book you can by completing a form with your first name and email address be sent a free audio book edition.

I read via my iPad and I could fully appreciate the illustrations. The author has produced a short video to promote the book.

Overall, I like the quirkiness of the book. The cleverness and yet simple way to tell a story to pre school children. The illustrations are lovely and it is a nice bonus to have access to a audio book telling the story.

Disclaimer - I downloaded a copy of the book and have given an honest review.

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  1. Great to see picture book authors getting their work our digitally now too. It's been many years since our family has read picture books and as my girls are just teens, it better be many more years!


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