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Greenways - 12th July 2013

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Greenways - 12th July 2013, a set on Flickr.
In the midst of a heatwave in England, and so we should, after all it is summer! Last week we ventured off to Greenways, the National Trust property and former holiday home of the well known mystery writer Agatha Christie.

The grounds are lovely, the house sits upon the hill and through the trees a glimpse can be seen of the coastline and sea.

Walking down the various paths you can encounter the boathouse and battery. The grounds are really beautiful although rather hilly!

The house like the gardens is lovely, full of the collections of various artifacts gathered by the family, including a rather impressive silver collection.

If you are in the area then Greenways is well worth a visit. If you are planning on driving, remember to book a parking space at the house, as there is limited space.

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