Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Genealogy on the TV

We are two weeks into the 10th UK series of Who Do You Think You Are?

There have been comments made within the genealogical world that this isn't real genealogy; and I agree to some degree, but there has to be a story worth telling, invoking people to watch and inspire a generation of budding genealogists or people that look at a photograph of their family and ask Why?

Of course, not everything is online, of course there are historical experts available at a beck and call. This is TV, this is allowing those of us who are genealogically minded to enjoy an hour of escapism into our hobby, obsession, hobby and obsession, from the comfort of our settee's and armchairs to simply enjoy what is on the box and perhaps think of similarities within our own family.

A few months ago a clip of a comedy take off called "Family Tree" was available via YouTube. Well it launched in the UK about three weeks ago and I watched the first episode. I have the subsequent broadcast episodes ready to watch on the planner thing - thank goodness for Sky TV!

Did I enjoy it? I don't know if I did. Hubby who has not a genealogical bone in his body watched it with me and laughed at various bits and commented that the actor who plays the central character, Chris O' Dowl, is perfect for the role. The humor is dry and the take on researching your ancestry ironic. There is a blog about the series HERE; and here is a look at the trailer.

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