Monday, 24 March 2014

Desk Ramblings.....(18)

It is very hard to believe that the last time I wrote a desk rambling post Mum was in hospital and today, a little more than two months on, Mum has passed away, the funeral has taken place and now the reflections, thinking, sorting and coming to terms with the events needs to take place.

Whilst that is happening, I wish I could say that usual business and alike will be continuing, but it is not, well not in the same way as before. What I have noticed is that whilst I have been busy dealing with the emotional issues of my family, several people have in the business sense have started shuffling into my working arena. I don't feel threatened by their activity, merely disappointed that they are so insensitive. They saw an opportunity and thought that they would exploit the situation. Life is way to short to be irritated by individuals that are of no consequence. I am a firm believer in two things.
  1. All that glitters is not gold
  2. What goes round, comes around
As I have said previously, people that copy, plagiarise or take my work as their own will be named and shamed, regardless of who they are.

In the coming week, I will reschedule the previously written and unpublished Society Saturday posts. There will be slightly realigned blog postings and there has been a few amendments on the webpage. 

I am woefully behind on my 52 ancestors in 52 weeks posts, but they will eventually catch up. I plan to feature specific ancestors this year, identifying what actions I need to work on and then next year share those findings.

The Book of Me
The Book of Me continues to be a success, which I still find amazing. I have just booked a physical workshop session for 2015 and one for 2016. The on-line Geneabloggers group has been fabulous and I have a plan for 2015!

At the present the on-line hangouts have stopped, but I will pick up these again in April. The last few months have been exhausting and whilst I have taken part in a few on-line hangout events and meetings. I found that I needed a little time out.

Several writing projects that were under way when Mum became poorly had been shelved whilst I devoted pretty much all my time to Mum, but I am spending this week refocusing on them. At least one needs to be complete by September for publication in February.  I am though going to be working on a small project initially that will take minimal time to launch once I have finished a little preparation work and emailed a few people who I hope will assist me. Then the project will be a biggish one, but with no firm completion date. Curious? All will be revealed sometime soon!

A final note. Over the last few months I received many, many emails, comments and Facebook messages from people around the globe, family, friends, colleagues (past and present). I am slowly (very) catching up with responding to each and every one. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who wrote and simply let me know that they were thinking of me and my family.

Whilst I did not get the outcome I wanted. I am my Mother's daughter and somehow have found a great deal of resilience and strength to carry on. Where that has come from I simply do not know, but each day I get up and find that I can navigate the path ahead. Whilst I think of Mum many, many times each day and miss her dreadfully, I am very lucky to have fabulous friends, family and a wonderful husband to support and listen to me as I deal with the loss.

Until next time

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