Thursday, 6 March 2014

Talking and Playing with Evernote

I really should have been doing other "stuff" this morning, but put off a few things in order to join the GeniAus Hangout with +Jill Ball. I have written before that I am a OneNote girl, but I do have an Evernote account and have found that I am using it more and more and in tandem with OneNote.

Here is the video from this mornings hangout

Here is the links to my previous posts:

There are some great Evernote resources out there:

Today's hangout was a great one, friendly and informative and as always +Jill Ball is the perfect host!

Happy Evernote playing!


  1. Thanks for the links Julie..some light reading tonight ;-)

  2. Thank you Julie for contributing to the Hangout. It was a supert session because the panelists were all Evernote users who approached the use of the software in a unique way.


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