Thursday, 6 March 2014

Those Thursday Places - Britain From Above 1919 - 1953

Britain from Above
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Britain From Above
A few days ago I came across this fabulous site Britain from Above 1919 - 1953 which I shared with the +Society for One-Place Studies community. As with many sites you can register and then select images to be saved your own account. What is truly wonderful as a One-Place Studies member is that value these add to my individual studies, well two of them as my third is in Sicily. They also add value to our individual wider family history.

The site has indeed been generous enough to state on the terms and conditions page
"Terms & Conditions for the Use of this Image
You may: copy, print, display, and store for your personal use at home and you may copy to a blog or personal web page as long as the page is freely available with no login restrictions and no charges"
 What a wonderful resource to have quite literally at the click of a button. I shared three photographs from 1948 to my Puttenham One-Place Study, and one to the Walnut Tree Close Study.

Have you explored the site and found some gems of your own?


  1. Thank you, Julie, for introducing me to this site. Fascinating!

  2. A great site, thanks Julie. I like that there are Irish and Welsh links too.


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