Saturday, 17 March 2012

21st Century Organised Family Historian - Week 7 - Stock Up & Catch Up!

Continuing the weekly thread organised by Michelle at The Turning of Generations

A belated post as I took stock of where I was at in my personal tidying, sorting and culling plans.

My study is at the top of the house, on the third floor. From the study I can access the roof space via a series of eve cupboards. In these cupboards I have a couple of boxes of memorabilia and pieces collected over the years. I enlisted the help of my husband to move the boxes into the study and position them in front of the armchair which sits in the study. I then proceeded to go through the boxes and have a trip down memory lane; reading and reviewing the material that I have gathered over the years. I discarded nothing. I did though sort through and organise the collection of material into the following - 
  • Letters sorted into a sturdy box
  • Cards sorted and sorted into a sturdy box
  • Diaries and journals sorted into a small suitcase that had belonged to my Grandfather
  • The rest - large cards, scrapbook of our wedding and a whole pile of other bits re-homed into a large suitcase that had belonged to my Grandfather
  • Collection of school reports and alike that I plan to scan sorted into a sturdy small box
The collection of suitcases and small boxes were then placed back into the eves cupboards, where I can access them at any time as I start to catalogue and scan cards and letters.


  1. Impressive! I just love using old suitcases and boxes to store certain things in.

    1. It seemed silly not to use the value space and yet retain a bit of our history.


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