Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Salon - Random Reading & Things!

Is it me, or are the weeks simply whizzing by? The last week I have caught up a bit on a few book reviews.

First up was a duo of books about Lilacs. Now, I was probably cheating, as there were only pictures in these books, but they lead me to my Royal Horticultural book on Gardening, so there is a tentative link to a book!

These are two books from a set of four showing some lovely photographs of Lilacs. You can read the review HERE

I also did a review on another book, again mainly photographs. The book was called Adam Clark Vroman and the review is HERE . This book contains some lovely photos of Indian life in the South Western United States. What drew me to this book, was the cover image.
The third e-book I read, was more like an essay, written by the daughter of a naval man who was present at the time Darwin was bombed by the Japanese in 1941. It was a small, yet fascinating account of a series of memories that are likely to be forgotten unless recorded. So whilst, it was a quick read in terms of pages, for me it raised some interesting points. I logged a review on Amazon and the author responded and I hope she writes more of these family stories. The book was called Australia: The Bombing of Darwin and One Family's Story by A.A. Gallagher. The review is HERE.

The 1st of March was World Book Day, and unless I have been reading on line with my eyes shut I did not see any posts about the event. HERE are my reflections and memories of my childhood reading.

I also managed to complete two books and those reviews up next week.
  • Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
  • The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love by Beth Pattillo

Apart from that I competed the Family History Writing Challenge for the second year. Usually, I post daily and I started this again this year, but decided to write each day and proof read and post later on. I am now working on a theme titled Fearless Women for the whole of March to celebrate Women's History Month. Even if you have very little interest in your family history have a look at the prompts and see how much or little you know about your female ancestors.

For April I am planning to once again take part in the A-Z Challenge and you can read the details HERE. Last year I kept the alphabetical theme vaguely random, yet at the same time linked to me, so I chatted about our pets, deceased family members, or special places. One of my interests was covered under T is for Thyroid and I created an A-Z all Thyroid related.

This year I am undecided whether to use a bookish theme, or a places theme or more of the same as last year. I need to decide soon as I want to get the posts written prior to April and then I can spend April reading  the posts written by other participants.

Finally, It is Bloggiesta time again, although it not again for me, as being somewhat preoccupied last year I completely forgot to take part! The Bloggiesta weekend is 30th, 31st March and 1st April. To read all about it and to sign up click HERE.

Until next week.....


  1. Okay...Blogger is playing games! I will try for another comment.

    Love the idea of Women's History month...and Bloggiesta.

    Thanks for sharing your books.


  2. I can see why the cover of that book drew your attention as it also drew mine. At first I thought it was some new punk hairdo, then realized that it was indeed Indian in nature.

    I had occasion a long time ago to visit some reservations in SoCal and was amazed at how some of the life there is still retro in nature. But it didn't take long to get my mind kick-started when I saw the massive casino.

    Vromin looks like an interesting collection, so I hope I have time to check it out. Thanks for the post.


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