Monday, 3 December 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 69

Joining the weekly 100 words challenge for Grown ups. This week the prompt is to use the following prompt. Total word allowance - 100
Courtesy of Julia's Place
She was clearing away the plates from the Office party. She had been SO controlled, and had barely eaten anything. Her stomach growled in support. She had promised herself that she would loose the weight before her big date and she was determined not to fail. Truth be told, her colleagues were running a book on it.

Yet, she was SO hungry. Each time she passed the table she checked the last piece was still sitting there, begging to be eaten. She could just snaffle it as she walked pass. Could she pull it off?

Only time would tell......

Taking part in the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #69

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  1. I enjoy your 100 word challenges. One day I am going to join in.


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