Sunday, 23 December 2012

Who am I?

Last week, Vikki over at The View Outside mentioned that some one suggested at her Faber class that people do the Who Am I? process. This is a recognised psychological test.

"What you do is ask someone Who Are You 20 times and they have to respond with a different answer each time."

Now, I have done this before, but about 15 years ago. I can't remember what I answered each time, and I have not looked back through journals to see what I said. 

I have redone the series of questions. I have simply written a list, in no particular order and the list is simply as the answers came to me. When I had to stop and think a bit hard I have indicated that with a ===

Here are the answers this time round.
  1. Julie
  2. A wife
  3. A daughter
  4. A line manager
  5. A professional
  6. A Librian
  7. A family member
  8. A Godmother
  9. A friend
  10. An equal
  11. A Genealogist
  12. A writer
  13. A challenge
  14. An Italian - (well half Italian!) - ===
  15. A book reader and book lover
  16. A collector
  17. A contemplater
  18. A reflector
  19. Under challenged
  20. A dog owner - ===
  21. A journal keeper
  22. A hoarder
  23. A planner
  24. A member
  25. A thinker
  26. A blog writer
As you can see, I managed to come up with another 6 items. I might repeat the process in June of next year to see if there are any changes.

In the meantime, have you ever done this? and were you surprised by the responses you gave?


  1. I remember one time, maybe 18 years ago (time is flying!) When my oldest daughter was trying to get all of us to do something similar. I'm not sure if we had to do 20 or less but I remember that my second daughter and I had a hard time picking things we thought were us. After I have forgotten what you said, I will try it and I think this time I will not be so picky.

  2. 26! Wow :)

    Love your answers Julie!


    1. Thanks Vikki, But do they define who I am? And is their any significance to the order they came to me in?

  3. Thanks for reminding us all of this way of looking at who we are. I'm going to give it some thought and see what I come up with.


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