Friday, 21 December 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday - Australia Christmas Greeting 1917

Submitted as part of Postcard Friendship Friday hosted by The Best Hearts are Crunchy 


  1. What a fascinating WWI piece...interest in all things WWI related is increasing as the 100th anniversary of the start of the war gets closer...
    Happy PFF...thanks for dropping by!

  2. THAT is totally cool. It is amazing to think the 100th anniversary of WW1 is nearly here. My Grandfather was drafted during WW1. Dad fought in WW2--he was imprisoned in Germany at a Nazi prison camp. Uncle Jody fought in Vietnam, and Uncle Kelly fought in the Korean War. My brother in law drew a line in the sand, and my nephew is in the army.

    It is hard to believe nearly 100 years has passed since Grandpa was in WW1. He told some gruesome stories.

  3. It seems such a staid and serious card, but then I don't suppose the 'sick and wounded soldiers' were feeling at all happy about it being Christmas. It was nice to have been remembered, though.

  4. Amazing that it is almost 100 years. Fascinating card. Happy PFF!

  5. Anonymous9:29 pm

    That is such a great postcard!

  6. I love the show of support to the sick and wounded, especially at Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. What a lovely postcard Julie! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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