Saturday, 1 December 2012


Last week I was presented with the opportunity to review a set of Bassbuds.

Personally, I do not find earphones very comfortable so I rarely use them. Therefore having been given the opportunity to review them I was eager to see how they would compare to other headphones, not just in terms of sound quality but also, and for me more importantly comfort.

Upon opening the envelope I was greeted with this. A lovely sold hard cardboard case.

The reverse of the box gives the following information.

Upon opening the box the quality and feel is good and the set comes with a replacement set of the foam for the earphones. Impressive.

Also included with the earphones was a rather lovely little bag for them to live in whilst travelling. These are completely compatible with iPhone and iPad. The set I had was a lovely pink and rather jealous my husband, within the confines of our lounge used these headphones too.

The verdict from us both is they are very good, in terms of style, quality and the sound output is great too. Hubby was suitably impressed that he purchased his own set in a more gender friendly colour!

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