Monday, 3 December 2012

Beyond the Internet: Week 47 Police and Railway Staff records

Continuing the weekly theme, inspired by Family History Across the Seas

In the United Kingdom, British Rail existed until the 1980s when the Government of the time privatised it. Now our rail networks are covered by a series of different companies and your prompt this week has made me wonder exactly what happened to the employment records of those companies.

I have a Great Uncle who worked on the railways in Dorking Surrey England. I have never really explored into his working life and should!

As to Policemen in the family. My Great Uncle was in the army and after he left the force he remained working at a military base as a Policeman during the second world war. His service records are sealed and because it was secret work he was undertaking his police experience is also hard to track.

The Prison Service in England and Wales was in it's early development structured loosely on the Police force. When we married in 1994 we both had to ask the Governor of the prison we worked in if we could marry. There was never any question of us being refused, it was simply in the Prison Standing Orders and had never been removed!

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  1. Sorry Julie, in the drama of our grandson's accident I never did back to this post. My apologies! I know FMP has some railway service records which might be helpful (good use for all those free points!)

    How interesting that you had to get permission to marry even so recently.


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