Monday, 31 March 2014

Military Monday ~ Letters to an Unknown Soldier - Paddington Station, London

War memorial Paddington station by Ceridwen
War memorial Paddington station
© Ceridwen
The statue shown here is from London Paddington Station. It was built to commemorate members of the 100 members of Great Western Railway Company staff who perished in the First World War.

The Letter to an Unknown Soldier Project is an opportunity to write the letter the soldier is reading, 100 years on.

The Letter To An Unknown Soldier website will remain open for 37 days, from 28 June when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, triggering WW1, to 4 August when Britain announced it was at war.

People can post letters on the Letter to an Unknown Soldier website or send letters to the statue at an address at Paddington station. 

Letters will remain on-line up to the anniversary of Armistice Day 2018.

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  1. what a nice post. I enjoyed reading it and it really makes us think.


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