Tuesday, 15 April 2014

All We Leave Are Memories!

I have needed a bit of time out. My A - Z Challenge posts, all written before Christmas and scheduled have failed to post because I realise that I have the year as 2015. Who knows what I was thinking! I may go back and repost or I may just leave ready for next year!

Anyway we have finally hit spring here in England and feeling as though I needed to do something that enabled me to think about my departed family I opted to do a bit of spring sorting.

We have spent the last few days clearing the shed, ridding it of stuff we won't need at out new place, and merging Mum's bits with ours. Each thing came with a memory attached.

Her electrical gardening bits that had dubious plugs on. Mum, like me could never wire a plug properly. The view is, if it works then fab!, the strange things in her tool box - a few needles and buttons. Why when she has a whole 5 boxes of sewing and patchwork stuff. Reasoning known only to Mum. Such vagueness and randomness that she has passed along to me and I know my Grandfather was the same. I am in good company and proud to be to.

The best bit was this assortment of tools. Most of these were my Grandfather's including the box of tacks - still full and rusty and the little tube of something - no idea what that is. Will add that to my to do list to see if I can find out what it is. Whilst the tools have no use really, they are now happily installed in our toolboxes.

Last week I came across the gardening tools that belonged to my Grandfather - a hoe, a rake that had been made with bent nails at the top. I just love the thinking and a link to the past.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mix-up with the posting date. I've forgotten to change the date sometimes when I want to preschedule a post. Then I have to "unpost" it after someone has already tweeted it.. Interesting where our minds are off to when we are working on a project.

    Gail visiting for AtoZ

  2. Happy A-Z! Bummer about the posts.
    I love the items I have full of memories from grandparents...not very many items but I cherish each one.

  3. Hi,
    Here from the A-Z. Your post resonated with me. I was particularly close to one of my grandfathers, so. Thank god for keepsakes and memories, they give our days a lift.

    Best wishes,

  4. Give yourself a break, Julie.. Leave them for next year. It'll come quickly enough. Just think how much easier it will be when you get to the end of this year. Love the tools, great memories with each item. We're still going through my mother in law's things and blending them into our lives or passing them on and she passed last May. Not easy, but worth taking time over.

    1. Do you know I am. I am simply doing what I fancy doing and simply getting by adjusting. I have loved exploring Mum's toolbox and so wish she was hear for us to chat about it. Stuart says he heard me yesterday talking to Mum, a one sided conversation comprising of the usual chitter chatter! - I am going to leave for next year, because I can not go back to normal, because normal will never be quite the same again.

  5. Give yourself a break, Julie, and think how easy it will be for you next year if you leave the posts till then. Love the tools and various mementos, we're still blending my mother in law's things in, or passing them on, not easy, but worth taking time over.


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