Monday, 21 April 2014

Official Launch of The In Memory of Quilt

We have just had the first bank holiday since Christmas and the New Year here in England. Since December much has happened; it has been quite an emotional roller coaster.

Today though, regardless of being Easter Monday marks a special day in our family calendar. It is the day that my beloved Grandmother passed away in 1995, aged 82 years, having been a widow since 1974.

It therefore seems fitting that the launch of The In Memory of Quilt should happen on the anniversary of the day that we lost my Grandmother.

Two incredibly amazing women who were without question tremendously influential in my life. They are missed each day, more than they or I ever thought possible.

So what is this all about? 

Please hop over to the official site making sure you read the various tabs at the top of the page as that will explain more, the background, the ideas and how to take part.

As the project progresses, all the details about the quilt, and the squares will appear on the official site. I will also share other updates related to the project there.

Please share the project with friend and family. Sadly death is a fact of life and we have all lost someone we love. What a wonderful way to share their story.

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