Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Find My Past - Thoughts from Anglers Rest

I have been a subscriber of FindmyPast for quite a few years, somewhere between 8 to 10 years I guess. I have always had a pay as you go account because I, sorry findmypast, favoured Ancestry. Then a couple of years ago the company launched in the US and I could purchase a worldwide account, for the fraction of the cost in the UK.

What is a genealogist to do? but purchase a worldwide subscription. The downside was that I had two accounts and two logins. Then at the end of the first year I received a rather tempting offer to resubscribe for a brilliantly low fee. Yet again I was dazzled by savings and took the annual subscription in addition to my worldwide Ancestry subscription. My extravagance knows no bounds!

In the meantime I logged into the new search feature over at the US site and whilst not overly enthralled it served it's purpose. In addition I had continued topping up my pay as you go credits for the time when I would not be dazzled by the offers!

Then there was the news of a new and modern search facility to the old UK site. I was delighted, but equally the old site worked so why fix it? Then the launch day came and I logged in. Very cleverly FindmyPast had merged my two accounts. My account clearly showed that I had a live world subscription and credits with an expiry date. Searches done were free and my credits safe.

The majority of the genealogy world has been in uproar of the developments of the search options. I agree with my genealogical peers and colleagues, but every cloud has a silver lining and for me that is one login.

I guess I am a glass half full kind of gal!

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  1. I think you will find other advantages too. As Peter says in the LostCousins newsletter, 'the new site is very different - and whilst it took me a while to figure out how those differences could work to my advantage, it wasn't long before I'd broken down not one but TWO brick walls!'.

    These may help:

    * Guide to FindMyPast's new SEARCH platform: (1) Getting started (

    * Guide to FindMyPast's new SEARCH platform: (2) Censuses (

    * What's New at FindMyPast, updated periodically (


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