Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Memories

Image courtesy of Lindt
When I was a little girl in the 1970's my Great Aunt always bought me a box of Lindt chocolate bunnies in a small cardboard box. This happen for years, until I was probably about 15 or so!

The little bunnies were not wrapped, but sat in a small tray inside the small, lovely paper box. This picture is the nearest I have found to my happy Easter memory.

Freshias and Orchids
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Anyway, the years passed by and I became an adult and my Great Aunt an elderly lady. We had always shared a small gift when we visited each other. In recent years though it was me that visited and me that had the delight in choosing the gift. In Aunts case usually Freshia's.

Each time the Easter eggs hit the shelves I have to look and see if there are any on the shelves like there used to be. Each time sharing my memory with my poor husband who can recite the memory. After 20 years who wouldn't?

About ten years ago we were in Carlisle and I stumbled across an old fashioned sweetshop. The sort the sell sweets by the ounce. There in the window was a box of Easter Lindt bunnies just like Aunt bought for me. I rushed in and bought the box, the chap behind the counter telling me that was old stock. I didn't really care how old, although I did discreetly check the sell by date. ! I bought them (and a pound of dark (plain) chocolate toffees because they are my favouites).

Lilian Dorothy May (nee Butcher) May 2009
Dorothy May nee Butcher 1915 - 1910
Taken J Goucher 2008
A few weeks later I made the trip to see Aunt. By this point elderly, well into her late 80's and still living at home. I greeted her, a kiss on the cheek, a bunch of freshia's and said I have a surprise.

Aunt made tea in her regular china tea cups (because you only have mugs in the morning with coffee!). I carried the tray into the lounge and accepted a cup of tea and a slice of coffee cake. Aunt then asked what the surprise was.

I extracted my box of Lindt bunnies and said "do you remember?" She of course did because like her siblings, my Grandfather's sisters had the memories of elephants! We had to eat and drink in order, the cake, the tea and then the bunnies, followed by more tea! It was wonderful and a very special moment!

My Aunt left us in 2010, but still every year at Easter I look for those Easter bunnies in the box of yesteryear.

You can read about my Aunt HERE and my Eulogy to her HERE


  1. Aww.... what a touching story! For me, Easter memories are having dinner at my grandmother's house after a day of searching for eggs hidden around our own home. We'd each of us receive one of those large, hollow eggs with our name on it. That was the most special gift of all.

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    How fortunate that you found the special box of bunnies.


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