Thursday, 17 April 2014

Genchat, Places and One-Place Studies

Yesterday I and a few of my +Society for One-Place Studies colleagues took part in #genchat hosted by +Jen Baldwin. What a great hour it was and so informative, with plenty of information and hints for experienced and newbies to the concept of a One-Place Study.

Over the course of an hour we answered via Tweet the following eight questions:
  1. What is a One Place Study in the world of genealogy?
  2. Who conducts these studies? & Why do people conduct these studies?
  3. What is the benefit of a One PLACE study over a One NAME study?
  4. What resources are available and unique to a OPS?
  5. How do you chose a location? is it important that you live close to conduct a OPS?
  6. What tools do you use for your OPS? Does genealogy software help? What else do you put into play?
  7. What elements are necessary before you begin? What goes into your overall plan for you OPS?
  8. What areas are we all focusing on today? Where is your OPS or where do you think you would have an interest?
Here is the Chatter details embedded for you and further down is some extra resources that might be of interest.

Extra Resources

In December 2013 the Society for One-Place Studies hosted a hangout on area where we discussed the topic of choosing your place

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