Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dorothy Lilian May nee Butcher 1915 - 2010

Dear Aunt,

The final link with the generation of either our parents or grandparents has passed away and along with the sadness there is joy. Joy of how lucky we were to have experienced the love and friendship from you. All of us, friends and family will have memories of you, for many of us there will be far too many to mention. I will share with you all one of mine.

I was about three years old and with my Grandfather. We had selected a bunch of flowers, all pretty colours, pinks and yellows. Later we were walking to your house, up Bright Hill which to a three year old that hill seemed like a mountain. At the door I was presented with the flowers and told that I was to given them to you. The door opened and I thrust the flowers at you, in true 3 year old style! That was the first bunch of Freesia's I gave to you and for the next 38 years I never visited you unless I had the customary bunch of Freesia's, because to arrive empty handed was not the "correct way" and you loved the flowers.

Yesterday we arrived into Surrey and I headed off to the florist, to collect the very final bunch of Freesia's. Having collected them I went to the Chapel of Rest where I laid that final bunch with you. As I stood with you yesterday I was overcome with such emotion, not just the sadness that you were gone, but many of those memories came flooding into my mind, the afternoons we spent together, the walks we took if the weather was nice, even down to you telling me to write clearer and sending my letter's back, so I could do just that. I was incredibly lucky to have experienced all those moments and memories with you, my Great Aunt.

I will truly miss you, and although you are gone, I know you still walk with me.

Love, as always

Julie xx


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I've been enjoying your blog for several weeks now. We have a few parallels in our lives. This post of yours reminds me of the one I did for my uncle George who died in December - also the last of that generation. Freesias for you, asparagus for me! It feels very empty without that generation. I miss them.
    Thanks so much for your blog - it's diverse and I like so many of the aspects of it.

  2. Donna, Thanks so much for your lovely comments. It is always lovely to hear that someone enjoys something that I write and enjoy being a part of. I read the post about your Uncle George and you are so right, our elderly relatives enrich our lives and leave a gap when they are no longer here.


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