Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Reading and The Spectator.....

Yesterday I read a post on a friend's blog over at wordpress - Laura was commenting on reading The Spectator online using her Kindle, and it jogged memories of her high school teacher.

My response was:

"I think that many of us are influenced by teachers when we are in our later teens. Likewise, I was influenced by a teacher, who was senior master called Mr Tanner. He loved reading all the Orwell texts and got me to really think about what the characters really represented. Between Mr T and the help of Miss Russell who taught me history and greatly influenced my love of history, I flew through my O level Eng Lit and History. Also I think now our reading is influenced by the people we each become, which is a result of the people who help us on the way to adulthood.

Incidentally, when we first moved here there was a huge rambling antique shop on the site of a former hotel. On a rummaging visit I found a lovely, but not undamaged edition of the Spectator for 1715. It is a beauty, and does have damage to the front cover."

Having written the above post, I went to the display cabinet in our kitchen/breakfast room as that is where The Spectator lives, nestled into the bottom shelf. There is more damage that I recalled yesterday, and I got the dates slightly wrong. The book is actually a collection of The Spectator and this is the 5th Volume which dates from 1711 - 1713. The front cover is completely detached and when I purcashed the book there had been some water damage. Actually for a book that is effectively 300 years old it is not too bad.

Here are a few snaps shots of it...

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