Friday, 14 January 2011

Family Recipe Friday - Wheat Wine

Recipe written by my Great Grandmother- Annie Prudience Butcher nee Harris to my Grandparents George and Lilian. Written circa 1965.

My Great Grandmother by this time was living with various family members, her husband Charles had passed away in 1943.The address of Vine Cottages is believed to have been the address of My Grandfather's sister Margery and her husband Ernest, who was actually my Grandmother's brother. I have not tried the recipe, but might have a little experiment! I asked my Mum if she recalled what it tasted like, to which the response was lethal!

The photo (right) is of my Great Grandmother walking rather briskly along Bridge Street in Guildford circa 1955.

Copied from an earlier post and submitted to the Geneabloggers blog prompts.

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