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Sorting Saturday - Twitter January 2011

I posted a few weeks ago, as part of Tuesday's Tip that I often read my tweets via my iphone and mark as a favourite any that I want to look at on a bigger screen (see there is another reason why I should buy an iPad!). I noticed yesterday that my favourites in Twitter had increased to 33. Is this a record? I therefore set about today, I know it is not Saturday, but it is the weekend! sorting through the tweets, which reflect most of the month of January. Thankfully February is a shorter month and I will no long have the main distraction which has been the cause of the chaos that has affected me.
  1. Disability Living Allowance was a web page that I wanted to read. I had already read it as I wrote a post linking to it about three weeks ago!
  2. Allin of Australian Genealogy Journeys wrote about Zotero earlier in the month as a potential candidate for a research log. I have looked at the Zotero website a few times during the course of the month and had reservations. I downloaded the file today and still have reservations. At the point of typing this post the software looks about as clear as mud. I'll keep you posted.
  3. This was a link to the online obituary for my Aunt which is documented elsewhere in this blog.
  4. A weekly tip on organising genealogy research. Apart from being the best thing any genealogist could do. Researching when chaos reigns is non productive and I should know! there are some really useful links to other similar posts. Including one entitled "In a File or a Pile", alas I am a bit of a piler but determined to get better!
  5. A web link for the Twitter page in relation to the day job - Chemist & Druggist which is a reminder to reply to an email sent about a week ago that requires more thinking about! - Email done!
  6. Posted by OnePlaceStudies - this was a very useful set of links about a suitable web space to host a one place study. Especially of interest to me as the OPS that I host for Puttenham has not had much luck with web space. Initially hosted at my ISP there were problems with uploads. As a temporary home I moved the data to a Yahoo group, which looked really promising as it had the facility for attachments to be posted to the list and a documents and files section, however, I began experiencing some issues with viewing files that I had created. So the Google Sites suggestion might be worth a go. I don't want to be continually moving the material around. Thankfully I have a domain name for my OPS so I simply move where it points to.
  7. A link to the petition regarding the issue with Disability Living Allowance (DLA) - Closing date for the petition is February 7, 2011. -Petition completed
  8. An informative post - U is for Under active Thyroid - saved as a memory prompt for something I am working on in the next couple of months.
  9. A very emotive posting about the issue with DLA
  10. An informative posting about the new Family Search site. A must read
  11. From the Dick Eastman newsletter - Digitally Preserving your Family History by Barry Ewell. Contact Barry after 13 Feb for an electronic copy of the slides & handouts.
  12. Free Webinar on Virtual Presentations for genealogy
  13. Interesting article which acts as a prompt for photographing headstones, heirlooms, books and much more.
  14. An interesting view point about a blogger who was approached by a publishing company to use a photograph of her grandmother. I have to say I agree with the approach taken by the person concerned. I was approached before Christmas by a company who saw a photograph that I had taken and placed on Flickr. Nothing particularly special about the photo. I said they could use the photo on two conditions. The first was, as the copyright belongs to me, that they cite me as the intellectual owner and the second, that the company made a donation of £100 to a named Charity of my choosing. The company didn't decline, they simply did not respond as they clearly expected something for nothing!
  15. A journal prompt via the Geneabloggers website for Open Thread Thursday for 20th January What's in your research toolbox?
  16. This article was shared from Shauna Hicks and is very thought provoking and actually I think kind of sad. I've kept the link to the article as a journal prompt.
  17. Old Money is a mobile application. Details from The National Archives and the company who developed the application, where you can also purchase it.
  18. Write for a new website?
  19. Underground Literary Society
  20. Waitangi Day New Zealand challenge (#waitangiblog) - Post written
  21. 5 solid ways to get traffic to your blog - interesting article.

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  1. Hello! That looks like a very busy Saturday! Thank you for the link to my Underactive Thyroid post xx


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