Sunday, 13 May 2012

Guest Post - Rob RodenParker

Book Synopsis

Join Prince Alorin journey to vanquish evil from the three kingdoms of the continent of Aedaria. To do so, they need the Orbs of Power that give their human hosts incredible powers, but they need to find them first. During the Sealing War of years past, the orbs were created to help defeat the demons and devils that threatened to take over the lands and conquer all of the kingdoms. After the war the orbs were scattered throughout the continent, and only a few remain guarded.

With an amusing cast of supporting characters and plenty of villains to battle, Orbs of Power will take you on an exhilirating journey full of romance, politics, and adventure. Along the way you will encounter heroes and sorcery, devils and demons, and fantastical creatures such as centaurs and merfolk. Follow these two unlikely young heroes as they learn to harness their newfound powers while discovering each other on their path to becoming king and queen together and trying to save humankind.

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My thoughts.
Not usually a fan of fantasy, I was asked to review this book and I am glad I did. This is fast pasted with some really strong characters and everything you would perhaps expect from a fantasy novel, including dragons! I liked it!

Disclaimer - I was provided with a copy of the book for review purposes and this in no way influenced my thoughts on the book.

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