Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sepia Saturday 126

It seems especially fitting that I share with you a photograph from our family collection. Taken at Puttenham Surrey in 1959 at the wedding of my 1st Cousin once removed.

What is especially sad, is that most of the people in this photo are no longer with us. My Grandparents are in the centre of the photograph, on the right is my Grandfather's sister and her husband. To the left of my Grandmother is my Mum. 

The reason that this is especially fitting is that the groom of this wedding passed away recently, having been married for a little more than half a Century. His funeral is on Monday, where I will stand with the rest of my family to say a goodbye.  

I will though take a selection of our photographs with me. The reason for this is that it is at times like these that, certainly in my family, we turn into ourselves as a group and remember those who went before us and made an impact on our lives. We share photos and stories and whilst it is a very sad time for us as a wider family and his immediate family, we share the joy that we are very fortunate despite the miles that separate some of us that we can come together and share those things.

Taking part in Sepia Saturday


  1. Wasn't it an interesting collection of wedding photos this week. From all different eras, the variety of wedding attire, from designer gown to very modest and humble dress. Every type of bouquet and corsage. Lots of hats and some bare heads. So fascinating.
    Sorry for the loss of your cousin. Yes, it certainly will be nice to share your photos with the family.

  2. You are so right. Taking the photos with you will allow you to awaken and share memories of those family members now departed.

  3. Wonderful photo and I am sorry to hear of your loss. You are right, pictures are very, very important at services.

    Kathy M.

  4. Oh, how very sad! They do look wonderfully happy on the occasion in the photo, and this is a fitting tribute, I think.

  5. I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin. How fortunate for the rest of us that you were able to create this fine post that speaks to all of us. Taking pictures to the funeral is a wonderful idea. It's also a good time to maybe identify people in old photos.

  6. What a fitting tribute. So sorry to hear of your loss. I don't mean to sound morbid but when the family is together (and unfortunately funerals are the biggest gatherings in our family) it is a good opportunity to hear and record stories from the past.

  7. Anonymous6:54 am

    Good idea to take the pictures to share with your family. It may stir up long forgotten memories, so be sure to take pen and paper. My grandmother died last Tuesday and spending time with family was comforting and helped so much. Sorry for your loss and hope that spending time with your family will comfort you as well.

  8. We were married in 1958 and now we find that so many of our friends have died. Like many families it seems to be funerals at which we get together. So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the happy group.

  9. My sympathy Julie. It's wonderful, though, that you are able to mark his life in this way and join with the family to relive memories.

  10. Gone from this place, but forever etched in your heart, and so vividly alive in this delightful poem! We don't tend to get all dressed up enough these days...even for church!


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