Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ramblings from my Desk.....(6)

It has been a few months since my last ramblings post. My back problem has finally been diagnosed as a prolapsed disc and the injection I was to have in March came and went and give me about 40% pain relief, simply by blocking the pain at the nerve root.  I have managed to reduce the pain killers and returned to work, on reduced hours at the beginning of May. I have a second injection next week and if that does not prove more successful, then surgery is the only option left.

I am still not over keen on the specialist, but what can I do? I did though at the last appointment express that I was less than happy that she repeatedly does not listen to me and that whilst I am in pain, very fed up and frustrated I am not a moron. By the end of the consultation I felt better that I had expressed exactly how I felt. I feel sure that I am not in her top 5 favourite patient list!

Returning to work has been enlightening, both in terms of changes within the business, profession and my realisation that actually I have also changed. The change has got me to focus on a few things and ponder, and I mean really ponder on what is right for me going forward. Just as I returned to work something else happened on the health front and whilst I won't share it here, it was one of those moments that I hoped I would never have and for a moment or two I felt my world stop. So this is a period of adjustment and acknowledgement that there must be adjustments made. Not easy for someone who has always worked well beyond the paid hours; and whilst that is not right, it is how I have always worked.

Meanwhile, my Continual Professional Development (CPD) was called by the Regulating body and duly submitted on line via the Regulating body site. Even though I have a training background I still find the process of the on line structure tedious, but of course support the need for constant re-evaluation.

In the land of Blogging I have been busy. I have read a few books and reviewed them and seem to have had a real surge in review requests, which is excellent. I took part in the A - Z Blogging Challenge and I have to say, I loved it - you can read the various posts and the reflection posts via the tag line.

I have a considerable backlog of genealogical type posts to proof read and post, which I am hoping to do over the next few weeks, although I have been saying that for already a week!

Meanwhile, the sun is out and we are seeing some warm temperatures, although I do feel that 24 degrees is too warm! I am spending the coming weeks, back allowing, completing several projects I have been working on.

Until next time!


  1. Wishing you the best on the health front!!!!

  2. I do hope you are able to manage your pain in your back. There is nothing worse. Have a good weekend.

  3. I've been wondering how the back problems were going. Let's hope that the 2nd injection works and you don't need surgery. Don't you hate it when doctors do that...doesn't matter if you're not in her Top 5, eventually she might learn to respect her patient's intelligence. I'm always impressed by the quality of your blogging and your commitment. Good luck with all the health issues and hope you resolve what it means in terms of work.
    On a sillier note, it's 19C here and blowy. I had to retreat from my outdoor table because it was too cold! How pathetic is that?!

    1. Thank you Pauline, for your kind comments. Well, it was 28C in the garden yesterday, so I was inside! It has been blowy here though overnight. I left the study window open and have just discovered a small pile of papers were all over the floor! Today is another bright,sunny & blowy day. Shal we swap, I think I prefer your 19C!

  4. Hi Julie, I've never dipped into your ramblings before. Really sorry to hear about your health problems, but I do agree - sometimes it can be a wake-up call for a whole-life re-assessment.

    You wouldn't be the first to find a specialist less than engaging. My best piece of advice - contact the local patient liaison office (PALS). You don't have to make a complaint, just give them a nudge that you expect more.

    Hope you're enjoying the cooler weather today x.

    1. Lesley, thanks for your comments. I used the intervention of PALS when I was advised that I would need to wait another month for a scan. By this point I had been away from work 3 months. Suddenly an appointment was forthcoming. It is sad that I have worked in my sector of the health profession for over 20 years & just realised that it is not fit for purpose anymore & needs an overhaul that has chance of being


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