Saturday, 16 April 2011

All Good Gifts by Kathleen Morgan

By complete coincidence, on a separate trip to the library I picked up this book. When I got home I realised that it was the same author as the last book I read - One Perfect Gift.

Again, written in a gentle style with a Christian slant to it. This is a lovely story, utilising the same location as the last book, with characters of several generations later.

Devra is a Doctor in New York City and suddenly received word that her beloved father has passed away. She heads home to familiar territory to the ranch her father owned, his ranch hand, whom she once had a crush on and the married housekeeper.

After the funeral, the will of her father is read and there are a few surprises. Devra will only inherit the family ranch if she returns to live in it, otherwise, the ranch hand will inherit. The is as you can expect anger and resentment at her late father's instruction, and an ending that is fairly typical and not unexpected.  A lovely gentle read.

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