Friday, 22 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - N is for .....

N is for.....Networking!

This is a bit of a buzz word. We probably all do it in a professional sense when we attend training events and conferences. The last company I worked for was VERY into buzz words and acronyms. The current company is too, but in a different way, a much more genteel way, and I guess the temperament of the last company was one of the reasons I left.

In an online sense we also network. Perhaps it is less obvious and more around enjoyment than expectation from any employer or profession.

Here are a few that I take part in:

  • Taking part in a Blog hop
  • Blog challenges such as the A-Z April Challenge
  • Facebook we can track individuals that we know and those individuals and organisations that have fan pages 
  • Twitter -  is a personal favourite

There are others, Linkedin, Google Buzz and Delicious and I personally have little experience of them, but perhaps they are your favourites.

How do you network?

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