Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - H is for .....

H is for.....Holidays

To say that I like holidays would hardly be surprising. There can't be many of us that don't. What I don't like though is the extra work it involves within the day job, so that you are almost doing 4 weeks work in 2 weeks.

The whole experience, getting the suitcases or holdalls out of the loft, or off the wardrobe, selecting the clothes & toiletries, camera and assorted paraphernalia and, most importantly reading materials and perhaps some research notes. I am afraid to say that I was responsible for our packing for one trip and so enthused to packing a whole selection of reading material I forgot a pile of essential clothing for my other half. He was not overly happy, but hey never mind, it could have been worse, I could have left my books behind!

As a child we used to visit Devon and for day trips Brighton and Portsmouth were favourites. Into my early twenties I spent time in Europe and then a year in Australia via Canada, Honolulu & Fiji and returned home via Singapore and Tioman, a fabulous Malaysian Island.

Tioman July 1991
Taken with my Trusty Pentax  - July 1991.
In recent years we have frequented Scotland because that is my my in laws live and we have explored the Scottish borders extensively. We of course have a mental list of places we want to visit and some may wait until we retire, although that is some time off yet, but then again, why wait until then?.....

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