Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Salon - March and into April....

I have not posted a Sunday Salon post for a few weeks - due to being in the middle of several tasks, which seem to have taken a lot of energy and time.

In the last few weeks I came across a fabulous post about Quilt coverings for cars; yes you are reading right. Have a look HERE.

I battled to get through Home, a personal life by Bill Bryson. I say battled not because I disliked the book, on the contrary, but because the library book had been reserved by another reader and I could not renew! Finish it I did and the review is on its way, and I purchased my own copy as I enjoyed it so much! I might even re-read as I hate reading against the clock.

I also received a e-book as part of the Library Thing Early Bird Reviewer Scheme and that review is also to follow. I have also received an email from an author to review her book and then on the tail of that one an ebook arrived from another author.

I submitted a rather small post to the Carnival of Genealogy 104 which was about cars. I have also been approached to have my blog used in a genealogy presentation, which is really flattering.

In between reviewing and writing I have read and reviewed South Riding by Winifred Holtby and a couple of library books by Kathleen Morgan. Both were Christian fiction which I would not normally read, but they caught my eye in the library and came home with me! Those reviews are HERE and HERE


  1. Home looks like a really good book. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, and got it returned in time.

    Check out my Sunday Salon post here.

  2. Urgh, reading against the clock. A pet hate of mine. Glad you enjoyed it though, looking forward to the review!


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