Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Cooking - Just a Recipe Book, or much more?

Not long after we moved in together I purchased a very plain notebook from the newsagents opposite the supermarket in Sutton where we lived at the time. The notebook was to use for the recipes and cooking notes I had scattered about the kitchen.

That was in 1993 and since then I have added to the collection - those cut out of the newspaper, those that have been scribbled on a note paper by former colleagues and one or two from My Mum. In addition to recipes that I have stumbled across along the way.

The notebook is very functional, there are pencil crossings as I have added ingredients to a dish when making it. I have also added each year a note about when & where I have bought the Turkey for Christmas, how many it was feeding and the price. Now, just why I do that I have no idea, even my own Mum thinks its a bit obsessive as she doesn't do it.


  1. Totally NOT obsessive! I even write on recipes the date I made it and for whom -- whether I made it at home or took it to a party.

  2. I gave my sister one of these long, long ago (maybe thirty years or so!) She shared with me a few years ago that this is now her favorite cookbooks. :-)

  3. I applaud you for using a real notebook (what a perfect heirloom!), I have tried many times, but failed again and again. Nowadays I keep track of recipes via :/


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