Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day One - Jersey - 12th July 2011

Our flight was at 7am which meant an alarm breaking the nightly silence at 4.15am. Such an early start on a holiday. The drive to Exeter airport was uneventful and check in was painless. Given all the routine & necessary security at the  airport, I did wonder if in future we should travel in our pyjamas! The security officer found it amusing and was somewhat bemused that I could joke so early in the day.

The flight was uneventful. After 30 minutes we arrived at Guernsey and then onto Jersey where we disembarked. The plane then returned back to Exeter. The was lots of cloud and a fair bit of turbulence but otherwise an uneventful flight which arrived  little early.

By the time we arrived it was raining. We checked into the hotel,The Revere and were advised that we had been upgraded to fourposter room, which was lovely, as it was our Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday 13th July. 

Trying to get the energy to unpack!
We unpacked and then met up with the tour company that arranged our flight & hotel. First class and after a quick chat we headed off to explore St.Hellier, albeit, in the rain. It did make a miserable day, we got soaked and lost and after a light lunch & dry, headed back to the hotel.

Our first appearances,were we liked Jersey. The weather forecast indicated that it should hold out for the rest of the week. We had though, lost the majority of a day due to the really miserable weather, but such is life. If we don't get chance to visit everything we wish. To see we can revisit, perhaps the early part of next year.

Dinner, we decided would be at the hotel, then an early night so we can get cracking early in the morning.

We ate in the Candlelight restaurant, at the hotel. A super meal. Unusually, we opted for the same meal. Sirloin steak, presented on a bed of the most succulent chunky chips I have ever eaten, beef tomato and a large flat mushroom. For desert we both had cappachino ice cream then a coffee with a twilight mint. We then walked that off with a walk down to the esplanade overlooking Elizabeth Castle, bathed in a lovely night light.

Night view of the remarkable Elizabeth Castle


  1. Aren't you lucky! BTW, my birthday was the 13th, and my anniversary the 12th!Gorgeous picture!

  2. Thanks Betsy. I had always wanted to go to Jersey & I wasn't disappointed. A great place. The photos are good, all taken by Stuart. Belated happy birthday & anniversary!


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