Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weekend Cooking - Journeys to the Past

I can't recall what I was even thinking about, but something stirred in the back of my mind of foods and food related subjects from my child hood.

The town I grew up in held a weekly fruit and vegetable market on a Friday and Saturday. My Grandmother went there as a matter of course and frequented a stall run by the name of HONES. I am sure that over time, my Mum revealed that she had gone to school with a son of the owner.

The produce was fresh and reasonably priced and would be displayed in a function yet nice manner that encouraged you to buy.

I was rooting around in the cutlery drawer a week or so ago and spotted this set. This is the first set of cutlery I was bought, so it is at least 35 years old. It looks ok, actually I have recently used it for lunch at work!

This is a cooking favourite. My trusty book that we were asked to purchase when I was doing my cooking O Level at school. The date on the inside is 1984 and the price of 95p!

My Grandmother, never went out without a mint or two in her pocket. I guess that I have developed that same patten and this is a photo of my latest favourite. Sad to see that they are described by Fox's as a limited edition!


  1. We didn't grow up with a farmer's market but my mom shopped at a small family-owned grocery store. After the cashier rung you up, she'd hand you a pad of paper. On it, you'd write your name, address, telephone number and the cost of your groceries. I guess they sent a bill to my day at the end of the month. They had this same method of payment all the way into the 21st century!

  2. I meant, they sent a bill to my DAD! (not my day)

  3. Like you my grandmother (maternal) always carried a roll of candy with her, but in her case it was a roll of butterscotch lifesavers.

    My paternal grandmother always kept a bowl of candy coated Jordan almonds in her home.

    I have taken after my maternal grandma -- I'm never without a roll of lifesavers in my bag :)


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