Friday, 22 July 2011

Day Two - Jersey - 13th July 2011 - The Gardens of Samares Manor

We spent a lovely four or five hours or so wandering around the gardens, admiring the layouts and colour schemes of the various gardens. There was a ancient dove house, which until 2009 was roofless, it was believed that originally the building had housed a roof, and one was skilfully added. The inside was completely  dark, but a photo later revealed all the little areas where the birds had lived.

Looking up inside the ancient dove house
Besides the Herb Garden cafe was a lovely water garden. The chairs surrounding it on the left are for an outside performance of Taming of the Shrew, due that evening.

Beyond this area was an abundance of colour and various collections of flowers and plants with the odd sculpture dotted about.

We walked further round and spotted a super water garden with waterfall which was the home to some rather curious Coy Carp.

Curious Carp!

The gardens were truly lovely and we did have great weather. In due course more photos of our holiday will be loaded to our online Flickr album, but hopefully for now that has illustrated that these gardens are well worth a visit.

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