Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday Salon -

Oh my, it has been three months since my last post to The Sunday Salon. Where does the time go? I am not sure what I have been doing in my three month absence. Well, I have just come back from a lovely break to Jersey and you can read about it on Anglers Rest; I am currently a third through day 3. Prior to the holiday I have been working and working and working.....

On the reading front, I have got behind my planned schedule for the various reviews I have been asked to do. For several reasons. The day job has become a little more hectic. I have also been asked to review using PDF or Kindle versions; and I am not keen on that method. Give me a proper book, with pages to turn. One book I was asked to review has been a disappointment and just where do I start?

I did bring back two books from Jersey. One was the guide book that accompanied the visit to the Occupation Tapestry and the other about Evacuees from Jersey during the German Occupation 1940-1945.

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  1. Visiting the Occupation Tapestry sounds like an interesting way to spend an afternoon.

    Have a great week



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