Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day Three - Jersey - 14th July 2011 - Occupation Tapestry

One of the things I really wanted to see while in Jersey was the Occupation Tapestry. Made to commemorate 50 years of Liberation from the German Occupation.

So, having had a coffee and wander around the Liberation Market, where we bought a lovely collar for Alfie, we ventured into the Occupation Tapestry which is housed in the Maritime Museum in the Quay, opposite Liberation Square.

I was simply overwhelmed with the skill of those who took part. There was a 10 minute video which explained how the tapestry came to be and the ground work that went into the tapestry.

There are 12 panels; one representing each parish. The parishes drew lots, which decided what the focus of their particular panel was going to be about.

Towards the end of the exhibition and tapestry is a panel naming all those who took part in creating this wonderful creation. The panel also shows those who were involved in making the tapestry and were on Jersey at the time of the Occupation.

The tapestry is outstanding and well worth a visit. I purchased the guide book and a complete set of postcards, which shows each of the tapestry panels. The postcards and guidebook are available from the shop in the Maritime Museum.


  1. Fascinating! What a trip! You're so lucky!

  2. I am very luck. Jersey is only 100 miles from here and is actually closer to France! - that is usually 40 minutes on the plane. Which begs the question - Why did we not go before?


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