Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day Three - Jersey - 14th July 2011 - Tour of the Island - West

At 4pm we resumed the rest of our island tour; this time entitled the Lighthouse Way. We drove around the coastline, looking at the fabulous bays and beach. Past St. Aubins, which is delightful. I spotted what has to be a super sandcastle; preserved before it is destroyed as the sea reclaims the sand, I just wish that I had managed to secure a descent picture of it.

We then drove past the Shell House, which was closed on this particular day.

Tremendous skill  - The Shell House
We then headed out to the Corbiere Lighthouse. We also saw this memorial.

Like the East of the Island, much of the coastline is littered with defences. Firstly in avoidance of occupation by the French and latterly used by the Germans during their occupation of the Island, against the British.

The tour then concluded and we found ourselves back on the main road into St. Helier where we saw this statue to Queen Victoria

Dinner in the evening was at a fine & very popular restaurant called Little Italy. Here we a lovely meal, mine was the finest and most delicious Ravioli that I have ever had. Definitely added to the list of places to return too!

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  1. Lovely photos.

    The memorial is unusual being a thanksgiving for all saved.
    Only ever seen memorials for those lost.



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