Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day Two - Jersey - 13th July 2011

We woke on our wedding anniversary to beautiful weather. The new forecast for later in the week predicted rain, so we shelved our planned visit and headed into town for the bus to Samares Gardens. On the way though, we crossed the road and looked out across the causeway to the daytime view of Elizabeth Castle.

Elizabeth Castle
We actually got lost trying to find the bus stop! But we had a look across part of the Marina.
Albert Marina
We also had a brief look at Albert Port, where we found a Memorial Plaque to the Islanders who lost their lives when the German Air Force bombed the harbour. The photo has been uploaded and transcribed at Grave Encounters. We then followed the various signs into town and made it to the bus stop.

The bus services on the island are fairly good, drivers will call out the stops.

The Gardens of Samares Manor were lovely, we spent a good few hours wandering around and then sat in the lawned garden restaurant and had a coffee. Lunch was off the menu after a hearty breakfast at the hotel. More about the gardens later.

Back to St Heliers and we made our way back to the hotel for a shower and change before heading off to try and find the bus stop across to St Aubins bay. We had been recommended to a restaurant, Bon Viveur, for our anniversary dinner by the representative of the travel company that we met on Tuesday, and we were not disappointed.

For starter I had tomato & mozzarella & Stuart had Garlic prawns. We both then had lobster thermadore, which was the meal we had in Kenya after our wedding. Stuart managed a desert and then we both had coffee. The restaurant was lovely, it looked across the bay, the staff great; very attentive & friendly. The restaurant comes highly recommended.
View across St Aubin's Bay


  1. I came across your lovely blog today. I spent a holiday in Jersey as a child and had so much fun. Maybe one day I'll get back there, but it's a long way from Texas . . .

  2. Thank you Ann for stopping by. I have added some extra posts for day two of our holiday,perhaps you'll stop by again. Currently working on the post for day three.


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