Friday, 1 March 2013

February Challenges in Review

Well, I don't know about you, but what a February. It has been full on and very genealogical. Full of the photographs from the photo collage and posts from the writing challenge. It would like some feedback on how people think it went. Any suggestions that could make the next one better? one I hear you ask...more of that later.

February Photo Collage Festival

This is my Photo Collage

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Thanks to everyone who took part and made it such fun. I am still reading, looking and commenting on photographs, so if I have not stopped by or commented very much I am on my way! 

Family History Writing Challenge

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Next Challenge

Someone commented that they wish they had known about the photo collage festival, so I hereby I am giving notice!

In November here in the UK we celebrate Remembrance Day on 11th November. I thought that it might be quite nice to have a collage with a military theme. Instead of running the whole month, the challenge would run for 2 weeks from Monday 4th November until Sunday 17th November. 

The purpose is to share whatever military picture you have in your family, not exclusively the First World War. This way we can share earlier and later military folk, whose commitment to their Country and the cause can be, and should be recognised.

If you wish to play along that would be wonderful, please leave a comment and spread the word. I shall create a sign up page nearer the time. 


  1. It was an inspired idea Julie- thanks for encouraging us all to stretch ourselves. I like the idea of a shorter one with a military theme. Would we have 14 images I wonder. Could we do a collage with fewer, say one every two days?

    The only downside for me of the Feb Collage was that the second half of the month is frenetically busy in our house so I scheduled mine in advance and haven't had time to fully catch up on my reading.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for playing along Pauline and being a great participant. Like you February was busy with surgery for hubby and various other events, so I have not caught up on reading and visiting.

      I selected a 2 week period as it would allow for people to share other War linked contributions - Second World War, Falklands and other war events. Also the 11th falls on a Monday this year,so I stretched the dates to include that, but you could spread it out so that you did a post every other day or 2 (one each week of) of a central collage, a bit like Leslie (Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford) did this time.

  2. I enjoyed the challenge and didn't have any family events in February, except for cutting my finger during the last days of February. I posted everyday and visited as much as I could, which led me to some new blogs. The only down side was that if something happened in the middle of it that I wanted to blog about, I couldn't. However, that has given me several posts for this month.

    I don't really have many military folks in my family. I would have to do war resisters and such so I probably won't join in on that one. I did think that I might do 2 week collages of what I was going to blog about sometimes in the future. And maybe I'll do an A - Z collage. I do like them!

    Thank you for hosting this challenge. My favorite part has been that I've been found by 7 new cousins from the posts about finding my long lost great Uncle Hugh. Turns out his family was looking for him too, his earlier life but couldn't find him because of the name change. I've been exchanging stories and photographs like mad.

    1. Kristin, Thanks for playing along, it was good to have your company. I am still reading and catching up, so I have a few of your posts to comment on.

      Do you mean that you could not blog about anything else while the festival was on? - time constraints? - I know you mentioned on an earlier post about linking to the last festival post you had written. I used a label and then people could click on the label and see all the posts -

      The A-Z are good to get your teeth into, but then again all prompts are. Like you I have stumbled across some great blogs either that were taking part in the challenge or I spotted via a links list on someone's blog. It all adds to the general feel of meeting others and getting inspired.

    2. Yes, it was because of time constraints. Often one post takes up a good part of my day because I start looking for information online or in my office area. I did manage to do 4 or so one day but that was a one time thing.

      The label is a good idea. I'll use that next time.


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