Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Google Reader

Catherine over at Seeking Susan, Meeting Marie has started a weekly theme called Thursday Thoughts. I don't guarantee to play along each week, but today has been particularly irritating, so I though that I would share my thoughts.

Despite the fact that I once had a job role where I had to actively encourage, coach and support change to a business following a merger which in reality was a bit of company eradication, but that is another story, I actually don't particularly like change.

I know what I like and if it works then why change it? Of course some things are not controlled by me and therefore the news shared in the early hours of Thursday morning about Google Reader closing in July was not in my opinion good news. I went to bed pondering on my next step.

By the time I got up the news was well across the internet with suggestions of alternatives out there for me to play about with.....and I did, a few of them.

I use Google Reader and I read all my RSS feeds via my iPad using an application that I paid for - Feeddler Pro. I like my system and it works.

Well after July it won't! Maybe this is a bit out of proportion, but that is my Thursday Thought.

Are others as irritated as me?
What are your plans for an alternative?

Please share your thoughts.


  1. I use Protopage have done for years:


    1. Steve, thanks for this. I usually read my RSS feed using Feeddler Pro on my iPad so need to investigate if there is an iOS version. Now to explore.

  2. Not Happy. I'm trying Feedly because it is available for a range of platforms.

  3. I only need something that works on my laptop as I don't have any other devices. I downloaded "Sage" for free. It works fine with firefox. I am now not missing google reader and will probably get rid of it way before July.

  4. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Hi Julie, I'm a bit behind in my reading and just catching up. Don't know if this link is any help at all, because I don't use a Reader, but sure hope it does. Cheers, Cstherine.

    1. Catherine, thanks for the link. I have had a mooch about and am currently experimenting with Feedly and Protopage, but I am hoping that Google might reflect on their decision!

  5. Julie, I too was dismayed by the news!! I have way too many blogs I follow to do it by email. I quite like Feedly but my ipad needs a higher op system and that's where I mostly read my blog faves. Have alao imported them to wordpress reader butt don't like it as much.

    1. I am using an iPad 1, & the Feedly app seems to work OK. Perhaps you need to link up to iTunes & update?

      Feedly is OK, but doesn't feel as user friendly as GR. I am experimenting with a couple of other readers, but perhaps I need to have a look at who I follow & do a bit of housekeeping.


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