Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ramblings from my Desk.....(11)

It's been months since my last ramblings post; where does the time go? Christmas passed in a flash and now we are apparently in Spring although the British weather is lingering onto Winter with vengeance this year. As I type half the Country is covered in snow and ice. Locally we have escaped the snow remarkable well.

We came back from Australia at the end of October with a plan and then set about pondering over it. Would it work? Heck, were we brave enough to follow it through, but here we are three months into a new year feeling brave. Our house, with the wonderful original Victorian fireplaces is for sale and there is on the horizon a new chapter in our lives.

The biggest challenge is the cull. If it was a musical, there would be dramatic music played about here. I am not musical, so you will have to image that dramatic tune!. The cull has already started and will go for a while yet. Books, collectibles, you name it. It is going to be a challenging few months.

We have seen our new home, it is a substantial reduction in size, but will be well worth it for the views alone.  We have seen plans and had a minor tweak or two, to accommodate our study to enable me to retain many books and genealogy and research files. There are several things that will have to go and I am shelving the thoughts momentarily.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Sounds exciting! We moved into a smaller place and it is so hard to cull.

    1. It is exciting Kristin, but I had no idea that the cull would be so hard. Attached to each item is a string of memories.....

    2. Sounds like a prompt - take photos of the items and write the memories. Make yourself a book. Might make it easier to get rid of the actual object. Wish I had thought of this before I moved!!!

  2. Big adventures ahead Julie! Downsizing and culling are far from easy. We culled madly when we came to Darwin from our large house (incl passing stuff to daughters) but since being in this mid-sized house we've re-accumulated lots of stuff.

    Love Kristin's idea of photos+story=book!


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