Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Easter Bunnies!

Catherine over at Seeking Susan, Meeting Marie has started a weekly theme called Thursday Thoughts. I don't guarantee to play along each week, but here is this week's offering.

Today is Maundy Thursday. Traditionally, in the world of the day job the worse day in the calendar, including Christmas for being super busy. This year I do not have to think, worry or stress of the day job and that does feel good.

Instead my thoughts turn back to my childhood and the regular Easter surprise from my Aunt. Each year I would be given a small box of Lindt chocolate bunnies.  I have not seen them in the little box for years, but as I wrote this post I wondered if I could find a suitable image. This is the nearest I could find, I guess after more than 30 years Lindt might have changed the packaging!

Gold Bunny White 50g 5 Pack
Image courtesy of Lindt

I have written about my Aunt Doll several times and you can read those posts HERE and HERE and always at this time of year I look in the shops to see if I can see a packet of those bunnies just like Aunt used to buy. I never do, but I always mention to who ever I am with that Aunt would buy me a box of those little bunnies.

Quite a few years ago I was in Carlisle and as I walked passed an old fashioned paper shop I noticed a box of those very chocolates in the window. I dashed into get them, discreetly checking the sell by date!

A few weeks later I visited my Aunt, arrived with notebook, freesia's and the box of little bunnies. We sat together to have tea and I pulled the box out of my bag and asked if she remembered them, to which she replied "of course I do". We sat in the conservatory looking out at the flowers and garden, enjoying the sun drinking our tea and sharing those bunnies. 

What a lovely day to remember.


  1. What a sweet memory (oops that was unintentionally pun-ish)and what a joy to share the memory and the chocolates with her years later. They still sell those Lindt rabbits like that over grandchildren are getting rather addicted to Lindt :-).

    1. Thanks Pauleen. I think that this is new packaging as the ones Aunt would buy were in a box with bunnies on the cover. Inside were two layers - 4 on each layer of unwrapped chocolate bunnies!

      Lucky grandchildren!

  2. Yes that does sound different- I think there are only four in a row in ours. Yes, they look most miffed when there are no Lindt balls in the fridge ;-)

  3. Anonymous5:47 am

    Oh Julie... you did have such a special relationship with your Auntie Doll and how lovely to again be remembering her regular gift of a box of Lindt Easter Bunnies. It's these special memories that never leave and keep us so very close to our departed loved ones.
    Thanks for sharing. It certainly played a tune on my old heartstrings. Have a lovely Easter.


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