Saturday, 9 March 2013

Roadford Lake

Earlier in the week I spotted on Twitter that there was to be a Fly Fishing event at Roadford Lake. I forwarded the details to hubby incase he wanted to go.

So at lunchtime we headed off to the event. Roadford Lake is situated on the edge of Dartmoor, not too far from Launceston in Cornwall. Where else can you drive through a hamlet called Broadwoodwidger? Isn't that a great name?

The weather was a bit gloomy, although not as foggy as at home. In fact I think a glimpse of the sun was seen. The lake is fairly big and I managed to get a couple of snaps.

We had a lovely couple of hours, although I am not overly in the slightest interested in fishing.

There was a selection of trade stands and a whole assortment of tackle delights - lines, rods, flies and other equipment all to aid the fisherman secure his catch. As I commented to hubby they didn't have this kit 200 years ago and they still caught fish!

Much to hubby's delight this appears to be an addition to the fisherman's calender.


  1. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm

    "Broadwoodwidger"!!! ... what a fascinating name. Glad you and hubbie had such a lovely time Julie :-) ...

  3. The sky over the lake is beautiful.

  4. A great name indeed and a joy for Mr Angler :-)


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