Monday, 2 July 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 47

Joining the weekly 100 words challenge for Grown ups. This week the prompt is to use the following picture

The very moment I saw this prompt I was cast back to my childhood.

I have wonderful memories of my Great Aunt singing to me, complete with hand gestures.

“I am a little teapot short and stought

Here’s my handle, here's my spout,

Lift me up and pour me out”

I guess I was about two or three years old and it somehow seems rather comforting that 40 years later I remember those happy days of my childhood and wonder if my Aunt had any idea that those early memories would be with me all these years later.

Taking part in the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #47


  1. Isn't it funny how the "smallest" memories can stay with us?

  2. I remember that song but I don't remember who taught it to me. I taught it to my grandchildren. I wonder if they will remember 40 years from now.


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