Friday, 6 July 2012

Where the heart lies by Michelle Garren Flye

I was recently given the opportunity to review this book. I am not a particular romance reader, but every once in a while a synopsis grabs the attention and we all can do with a feel good factor once in a while!

This is a very gentle story of Alicia, a recently widowed young women who has two young children. Her eldest child may just remember their father, but her young baby will not, as her husband was killed in Afghanistan before the baby was born.

Following the funeral, Alicia boxes up her belongings and the flag that had draped across her husband's coffin and makes the journey with her children to the childhood home of her late husband as was his wish.

Her parents in law have recently moved into a retirement village, leaving their house and bookshop business in the capable hands of their daughter in law. Over a period of time Alicia settles into small town life and is very much aware that she draws attention to herself simply because she is the widow of the town hero and because of his late friendship with a fellow townsman, a man that the townsfolk do not feel shares their values.

Despite this, Alicia is drawn to him, and they develop a friendship and he helps her get her book cataloguing business off the ground by asking her to catalogue his late mother's library. He is a lecturer at the local college and gradually Alicia learns to trust and love again.

After a bit of a reading slump this was the next book I selected to read and it was the gentle prod that needed. It is a lovely book with some sad, yet feel good moments and is about love, trust and friendship.

As the book drew to a close I felt that I would like to know how their relationship develops and how they might over come the town prejudices.

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