Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sepia Saturday 134

I have missed the last few Sepia Saturdays, not intentional, life has taken over! The moment I saw the prompt for this week I knew exactly which photograph to use from our family archive.

This was taken in early 1947 and is of my Mum who was born in the big freeze. Not in a pram, Mum was quite small and was placed in a draw in the chest of drawers!

And by a way of including a baby in a pram how about this one?

I can not work out whether this little chap is about to have a really good cry, is unhappy about the sun, or perhaps snoozing.

Taking part in Sepia Saturday


  1. I have heard of people putting babies in a drawer. That might bring a charge of neglect these days, but it does seem like a practical alternative to a crib, especially if money is tight.

  2. All of my children slept in the same little crib my mother slept in when she was a baby, except for my second daughter. we had moved and not brought the crib along so she slept in a dresser drawer. We didn't put her in and close the drawer, the drawer was taken out of the chest and put on two chairs. I bet that's the same thing with your mother. You can only use it while they are unable to pull themselves up or they would fall on their heads.

    Your mother is about my age. I was born in August of 1946.

  3. My great grandmother was a twin. She was tiny and sickly and they didn't think she would live. She slept under the vest of an old bedridden man. She survived while her 10 pound twin brother died.

  4. Some drawers are about the same size as a bassinet, so it makes sense to use one for a small baby.

  5. Your mother is obviously 'top drawer'!

  6. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Cute photos, but the little guy looks a bit grumpy :-) Or maybe it is just the sun hurting his eyes. I've heard of babies sleeping in drawers too - it must have been common practice! Jo

  7. When we moved into our first home we had a baby, a pram and a carry cot. So our elder son had to sleep in the carry cot on a wooden stand. He only graduated to a cot when we could afford one.


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