Friday, 13 July 2012

Library Loot - 13th July

Last week when I was having a wonderful time wandering around the local library I noticed a poster advertising that soon we could download library books.

I had planned on visiting the library as the book I reserved has now arrived, but I have not felt like going out and it has been raining, so I thought I would explore the downloaded library books access.

Well I was not disappointed. Once I had managed to log in I could select a maximum of 3 books and then set the access period from 7 -21 days. I opted for 21 days (3rd August) and selected 3 books.

Rosie's War by Rosemary SayThe Boy I Love by Marion HusbandInside the Olympics by Nick Hunter

I didn't want to access via my laptop and for copyright reasons they can not be downloaded to a Kindle so I opted for viewing on my iPad. I downloaded on my laptop and then sent via email the three files. Opened up my email on my iPad and then opened each attachment. The books are then read in Blue Reader, (which is a free App from the iTunes store). They will simply become inactive in 21 days time or disappear. I wonder if I can renew?

Taking part in Library Loot and you can read the details HERE


  1. I have still not hopped on the ereader train but I like that your library makes it so easy to use.

  2. Now I'm J for Jealous again! What a great idea this is and won't it be great for those who can't always get to the library too. I won't be holding my breath for it to happen in downtown Darwin any time soon.

    1. I live in a dying seaside town. It was dying before the recession, but has gt worse since then. The local library had always been open until 7pm twice a week & 5pm on two other days with a half day on Thursday & 3pm on Saturday.

      The cut backs came & I have to say they have lost hours - the 7pm reduced until 6pm. The Thursday opening removed & until 1pm on a Saturday. It has been replaced with a new fresh approach that I mentioned last week. The automated, customers checking in & out themselves frees staff up to help the public. The availability of the download books s brilliant. I still refer going in though to browse.

      Yes there have been cutbacks, but I like this new & fresh approach, so well done Devon Libraries!

  3. Pauleen, my very anti-ebook library system in outer Melbourne has just started lending ebooks so I would say it is on the way to most Australian library systems.

    The other option is to join with library systems in other states. I think that the Yarra Plenty library system in Melbourne allows interstate members. They certainly did a couple of years ago.

    Enjoy your loot Julie!


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