Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympics - London 2012 - Reading Challenge

Well, the opening ceremony was beamed around the globe last night and I was blown away by the ceremony. OK there was the occasional cringe moments, but overall it was an amazingly well produced and arranged ceremony.

As I sat and watched the presentation of the Countries participating in the Olympics I was surprised at some of the names - some I had never heard of, some were new Countries, those created following the collapse of the USSR.

My mind wandered very slightly across to books and I wondered if I could read a book written in or by an author that represents all of the Countries participating in the 2012 Olympics? I think I can and therefore I will set myself a personal reading challenge which will commence today on the first full day of the Games and conclude on the day of the next opening ceremony in 2016.

Whose going to join me? You can read the details HERE

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