Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Salon - Bookish Thoughts, Planning & Library Thing

I have not taken part in Sunday Salon for a while. I've been busy. Busy thinking, planning and doing the task that has bugged me for months, actually years. I have mentioned before, numerous times that I have lots of books. Perhaps too many and I needed to catalogue those I had and make some decisions about others. I also have to many lists. Lists of books read, and lists of those I want to read. The lists and book journals go back 20 years. So not only did I have a book decision to make, but I needed to be sure that I wanted to remove the book lists from the numerous places.

Back in 2005 I joined Library Thing. I used it a little, added a few books and pondered. I then did nothing with the facility until about 4 months ago when I explored the potential of the site and and worked out a plan.
I then tentatively played with the site more, uploaded details of a few books, and then sat and devised a plan of attack.

The first thing I did was to pay to upgrade my account to a lifetime account. I also purchased one of those little mouse gadgets for scanning the bar codes. I then set about deciding upon collections and how I planned to use them. I have six collections - 
  1. My Library - includes books that I own, books and e-books.
  2. Read but unowned - books that I have borrowed from friends or the library, and books that I did own but no longer do.
  3. Currently reading - Books that I am currently reading - usually just one, but on occasions there are more.
  4. Book Reviews - these are books that I have been sent to review. Once read the book review is then added to Library Thing.
  5. Wish List - this is book titles listed in an note book and those listed on my Amazon wish list. Then as they are read they are moved from this collection into the library or read but unowned collection.
  6. SPG - these are the numerous books that my husband owns. They are all angling and fishing related.
  7. Current Library Books - this collection is to help me keep track! - Once a book is read and reviewed, the book is moved from this collection to the Read but unowned collection and the book returned to the  library.
Each book is then given a series of tags. I have tried to limit the tags I have used, and to keep it simple and easy to use. There is no point in cataloguing a collection of books to then use so many tags it is impossible to locate the book.

So far I have completed two book cases in my study and have one left to do before I move onto book cases in the rest of the house. I have also catalogued articles that I have kept. These are mainly articles and papers relating to the day job. I have also catalogued microfiche which relate to various genealogical records. All things which reside in my "Library" so I guess I took the name a stage further!

For those that are interested you can look at my Profile and Library HERE. It is though, very much a work still in progress.

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  1. Wow! Your Library Thing organization looks impressive.

    I keep track of books read, purchased, reviewed, etc. on one of my blogs...and I used to have Works docs to also organize things. However, my new laptop has none of those docs, so it's just the blog and my notebooks.

    Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!



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